Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pre-Holiday Ennui

I am beginning to remember why I do my best to keep my life filled with theater. I am between shows right now, and starting to work on holiday crafts. I will be selling my "ormanents," those geodesic spheres made from old Christmas cards, so contact me if you are interested. They sell for $5 each. No two are alike. I am also available to do alterations, dog-sitting, running errands and other services.

In short, Dearly Beloved, I am bored. Plus broke. As usual. We are working extra hours to get the shows out on schedule, but, beyond that, I find myself waiting for somebody to post something on Facebook. Or for a break in any of the crimes I am following. Or for somebody to give me a comp ticket to his or her play...



  1. Feel free to list your pet sitting services at

  2. You have lots of patience for doing those ornaments along with being bored. I made them 2 years ago for my nephews and cousins' little ones. It was challenging. I had my 3 year old trying to help as well, so that could have been part of the challenge. They were fun once I figured them out.
    Hope you find enough activities to keep you busy.

  3. It's sort of a meditation. Like walking a maze or something.