Friday, September 03, 2010

I Wonder What's Up

I have had several visitors in the past few days, googling information on Kelly Brumbelow. I have to wonder if something has happened that I haven't heard yet. Terrence Sampson's most recent parole hearing was this past April. I did find a couple of articles that escaped me the last time I wrote about Kelly, both of which have more information than my poor memory afforded:

This first one, from KVUE back in February, has video:

And, here's an article from the Round Rock Leader, back in April:

Let's not forget this "letter," purportedly from Kelly's killer, which I received as a comment on a previous entry I wrote about her. His wife posted it.

Here's an entry where I sort of "fisked" Terrence's "letter:"

Given that I received the "letter" a couple of months after his most recent parole denial, I think he must be looking ahead to the next one, in April of 2013. His release date (if denied twice more) will be December 2, 2019.

Kelly's mother is afraid he will come after her. I wonder who else needs to be afraid!

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  1. This is all a very tragic situation for EVERYONE involved but no one needs to be afraid of Terrence.