Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun at the Biker Bar

Last night I went with Kaye and Lou to Hardtails to see Mad Squirrel. Lou warned me that Hardtails is a "biker bar." I don't know if he was afraid I'd run for the hills, or what, but I appreciated the warning. Remembering biker bars from back in the day, I was content to be in a dive, just to hear the band and hang out with Kay and Lou.

I've been to some dives, in my day. Places to which it behooved one to bring one's own toilet paper.

Well, Dearly Beloved, biker bars have changed right along with the bikers they serve. When the Harleys outside are worth $30K, and not your father's WWII surplus, you can expect a bit of style. And style there is. The place is high-ceilinged and spacious, with an immense fan overhead. There is the inside, the porch, and the backyard stage. There's the entire front end of a 50s car coming out of one wall, and a bomb buried in another. The rest rooms are lovely, all stainless steel and green light. All the chairs match. Class.

While listening to the band, I was thinking of days of yore. Back then, SSS had a friend who played in a cover band, and we frequently spent evenings with them. Back then, cover bands strove mightily to sound exactly like the band they were covering. SSS's friend, Dave Lopez, had one of those voices that could imitate pretty much any singer on the charts. Mad Squirrel doesn't do that. They take songs and make them their own. Whether it's "Brown Sugar," "A Hard Day's Night," or "Proud Mary," this band plays its own arrangement. There is a list of songs at the band link--a lot of 80s stuff on there, which figures. Most of the band and a lot of the audience are about that age...

Before I left, Chandra was surprised that there was a place in Georgetown that was a rock and roll venue, so I have to say that it's not exactly on the's on the highway. Going north, you have to take Exit 264 and then go back south on the other side. It's directly south of the Honda dealership.

Go play, go play.

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