Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bad Ronni!

I've been remiss.

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth; I'm still here, slogging along.

At work, we just got "Cinderella" out to the Palace. Of course, some of it came back, mostly the small children's costumes. Those little blighters have grown since their measurements were taken a month and a half ago. Of course, we are not talking about letting out a hem or two. No. We are deconstructing tiny tailcoats (made for weddings) and squeezing a quarter of an inch out of every seam and dart, removing linings and shoulder pads (yes, Dearly Beloved, even the tiniest tuxedo has shoulder pads), and doing everything we can to make them work. They are grey, you see, and they are for the mice who turn into footmen.

On top of that, "Secondary Cause of Death" opens on Friday, and I am still not off book. I've lost a couple of my usual days off, with "Cinderella" and all, so I have tomorrow and Monday to get those lines down.

Apart from that, it's just the house is a mess, my finances are a mess, and I still haven't had time to get the car in to have the nice man at the tire place take care of that slow leak.

Round Rock is still recovering from the flood, and there is talk of asking to be declared a disaster area. Probably not going to happen, because the vast majority of the damage is confined to homes along the creeks. I have been thanking Paul and Addy for buying a house on high ground. Some of my neighbours, just a block away, had over three feet of water inside their homes. And it rained again, yesterday. There seems to have been very little government assistance with the clean up...mostly neighbourhood volunteers helping. I am ashamed to say that I have not been among the helpers, due to work and rehearsals. I feel bad about that because of all the help I received when Jim died. I feel I should be paying that forward.

Let's see...what other news is there? Aidan made A-B Honour Roll (Yay, Aidan!) Oh...and one of Chandra's cats appears to have figured out how to ring the doorbell. I was awakened at 3:38 this morning by a couple of random rings of the doorbell. I grabbed my trusty Maglite® and went to the door. As I cautiously inched it open, the cat charged in, grumbling all the way. Nobody in sight.

The problem with writing is that I have a stupendous secret that I have not been given permission to divulge. I am busting at the seams with it, and can't say what it is. So, to the owner of said secret: hurry up and tell, so I can, OK? You know who you are!


  1. Go for it! Everyone important has been told!

  2. I think you have paid it forward many times over by entertaining so many of us in so many plays, also all the costuming and costume consultation you have done for free, or next to free, babysitting and pet sitting too! Don't beat yourself up for not having the time to help with neighborhood clean-up. -TLS