Saturday, August 14, 2010

"The Odyssey: A Rock Musical"

"The Odyssey: A Rock Musical" opened last night at the Dougherty on Barton Springs Rd. I went this evening, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This early in the run, there were one or two glitches, and some of the dialogue seems a bit stilted. The sound system is not the best and the drums are just a tad bit too loud. That's about all I could find not to like. Of course, I'd like to tweak the costumes a little, but that's just me...

The songs are lovely, especially a ballad called, "You Have Your Father's Spirit," which I found really moving. It is sung twice, once to Telemachus and once to Odysseus. I would love to have heard it again.

I think "rock" musical might be something of a misnomer, as most of the songs are ballads. I guess if you put a set of drums behind any tune, it becomes "rock," but such distinctions really don't matter.

The story is well told, and it's a great story. The staging is clever, the lighting, wonderful. I'd go and see it again, if I could!

Richard Dodwell, as Odysseus, is truly amazing, and Andrea Nelson as Penelope rocks the house. Craig Kanne was in danger of stealing the show, with his assortment of off-beat characters. The entire cast is very good.

Freddy Carnes has put together a hell of a show.

I forgot to order a soundtrack, but I want one.

There's a website: Go. Get tickets. Watch clips. Hear songs. Get tickets and see the show. It is only a two week run, and closes on Sept 4, so don't dilly-dally. You'll be sorry if you miss it, because people will be talking about this one for quite a while.

('s worth the price of admission to see the normally natty Richard Dodwell looking all unkempt and unshaven!)

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