Sunday, July 18, 2010


Meet Princess. If you are thinking she bears a resemblance to Banshee, you would be right. They are siblings. As most of you know, Chandra and Aidan are going to move in with me, sometime before the end of the summer. Yesterday, Chandra asked if it was time to start bringing cats over. She has four. Three are siblings of Banshee, and one is Mary, acquired from Val at the theater.

So, yesterday, Princess emerged from the cat carrier and found a good but temporary place to hide...under my bed. Last night, she and Banshee had a yelling match. This morning, she's hanging out on top of the fridge. I put a litter box right outside my bedroom door, and the fact that she is in the kitchen this morning tells me that she has found the food.

We think it's better to integrate them one at a time, as all four at once could cause a total freak out on the part of Banshee, Tripper and Gladys. Especially Tripper, who barely comes in with Brendan here, let alone a flock of strange cats!

That's another thing. My cats go out at will, as long as the laundry room door is open. They can't come back in that way, as (due to the Armadillo Wars of '08) the cat door does not open inward. Chandra's cats take one look at The Great Outdoors and say, "No thank you!" They are used to having a huge window to see out. There's not so much of that, here. I'm sure there will be much feline discussion on the subject of who gets which windowsill.

I'll keep you posted.

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