Tuesday, July 27, 2010


PLEASE, all you who post on crime message boards, TAKE NOTE...

It's hearsay. Get it? "Hear" and "say." Called such because somebody says they hear something somebody else said. "Heresay" is incorrect.

And, if you want to emphatically agree with another poster, the phrase is, "hear, hear," not "here, here." You are exhorting others to listen, not telling them where you are.

If something is worthy of your disgust, is is despicable. "Dispicable" isn't even a word!

It is "should have, could have, would have," not "should of, could of, would of."

If you "lose" 20 lbs, your clothes are "loose." You cannot "loose" your mind, unless you release it to roam the countryside by way of astral projection.

Oh...if I had more money than sense, then I might consider buying expensive shoes.

"Copyright" is correct, not "copywrite." It is the right to copy that is controlled by copyright laws.

And, for heaven's sake, "grateful" is what you feel when somebody does something for you. You might feel "greatful" after dinner, though (kidding...there's no such word).

And, for good measure, it's "I couldn't care less," not "I could care less." Think about it.

Do they not teach grammar and spelling any more?


  1. While you're at can you teach them about lose and loose?

  2. What about "then" and "than"?

  3. Ah, yes...the ubiquitous "then" and "than!"

  4. What about that phrase that drives me crazy...."these ones"