Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells

The brooding presence of the abandoned and deteriorating Baker Hotel dominates the city of Mineral Wells. I've written a bit about this place before...I Drove North is the title of the entry. There, I included a couple of links to more information about the place. Also, please read in the comments where somebody who knows more than I do about the place corrected my misinformation.

I had a friend with me on this trip, and we walked all around it, snapping pics at odd angles. I'll post them later.

One can see the hotel from quite a way out of town, on a clear day. As the day we were there was far from clear, we didn't see it until we were at the city limits. There is not much space to pull off and take pictures of the approach to Mineral Wells, up 281. I need to get up during the night and hit it right around sunrise, I think, so that I can have the road to myself when I get to the first place I saw the hotel last year. It is awesome, and I sincerely hope somebody takes it on as a restoration project.


  1. I remember when the Baker Hotel in Dallas was torn down... imploded, that is.

  2. I must admit that, if they were to seel tickets to the same sort of event involving this one, I'd be right there! While I think it would be a waste, it certainly would be better than letting it fall down by itself!

    I am told that there is, indeed, a project afoot to restore it. God knows who has that sort of money these days, but it would certainly provide a kick in the rear for the economy of Mineral Wells.