Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Van der Sloot Strikes Again!

Thanks for the heads-up, Carol! Joran van der Sloot, international man-about-town, poker player, playboy and predator, has got himself in a whole barrel of hot water!

Five years, almost to the day, after the death (pardon me...disappearance) of Natalee Holloway on the island of Aruba, Joran van der Sloot was seen entering his Lima, Peru hotel room with a beautiful young lady he picked up in a casino. A few hours later, he left. She didn't. Eventually, they found out why. She was discovered, beaten and stabbed, in a room awash with blood.

Joran was sighted crossing the border into Chile.

It ain't gonna be the same ball game this time, folks. For one thing, there's a body. Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez was last seen alive in the company of Joran van der Sloot, and next seen deceased in his hotel room. The five star hotel has all the usual bells and whistles, and it appears that there is video of their entrance and his lone egress. Presumably, there is video of nobody else entering or leaving that room before Stephany's body was discovered.

Another thing; not only is this not Aruba, a Dutch protectorate where Joran's daddy was a judge, but Daddy van der Sloot died a few months back. There was nobody to help Joran clean up this mess. This time, it is the victim's family that has the power. Stephany's father is the well-respected businessman and race car driver, Ricardo Flores.

Packaging from GHB, the date rape drug was found in Stephany's car. It was speculated five years ago that Natalee had been given a similar drug shortly before she disappeared down the road with Joran and his two buddies.

Interpol is after him now.

It is criminal that the Aruban cover-up and obstruction has led to the death of another young woman. However, this time, Ditch Boy may just get his comeuppance.

Can I get an "amen?"


  1. His confessions scare the shit out of me. His latest being in February where he swore to his Dad that he DIDNT kill Natalee. That he sold he for $10k.

    I know Arubans just think he is nuts. But he IS nuts, and dangerous. I dont think Natalee will ever show up, but that last confession just scares me.

    I wonder what he was telling Kathleyn (sic), do you know what I DID 5 years ago? Do you know I even confessed and they couldnt even get me? Can you imagine how scared she was.

    At least we have this, HE is scared now. He wont be bragging anymore. I have to wonder if he has a death wish.

  2. Who is Kathleyn? This victim's name is Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez.

    He seems to have made a hobby of confessing and rescinding.

    I agree, he is nuts, and feels like some ancient nobleman, with the power of life and death over his serfs.

    He is a pig.

  3. Yes, sorry, Stephany. I knew that all day but know it alluded me. I also now feel bad since I read almost every article I could on it.

    The thing that makes it worse? NOBODY at work OR at home had any idea who Natalee Halloway was.

    I was like Aruba? 5 years ago? Her mom kicked up a huge shitstorm?

    No wonder he thinks he can get away with anything.

  4. We have such short memories. We are being outnumbered by stupid people. They reproduce more.

  5. It is hard to believe that, in this day of "instant" news and the internet, anyone could not have heard of Natalee Holloway! I don't believe we'll ever know for sure what happened to Natalee...what a coverup!...unless the Kalpoe brothers ever speak up. I think they were/are scared for THEIR lives. But I am confident Joran is in deep $hit this time. As Ronni says so often, we HAVE to teach our girls.

  6. People forget. It has been five years! There have been cases in the meantime that have consumed us, and politics, etc. It's not that they didn't know. I can't imagine anyone not having heard her name, at least, at the time.

  7. Now that a president I voted for is in office, I don't like to read about his failings. I've let a certain cowardice take over, and have even retreated somewhat from political activism.

    I mention that because the media provides nearly all of us with the capacity to provide a thread of stories that is tailored to our own peripatetic tastes and interests. We can fill up our day with news and never learn about murdered women OR ravaged rainforests OR (in my case) the spreading disaster in the Mexican Gulf.

    So it doesn't surprise me that people will see the Natalee Holloway story as just one more unpleasant place they'd rather not go. Octomom is more fun.

  8. Very good points, Driver. For me, OctoMom is just ick and I have never followed her at all.

    These murder cases have been my primary focus ever since 2004, when Mark Hacking killed his wife, Lori. From there, I got into the Laci Peterson case, which I had heard about but not followed. I was appalled by the number and the similarities.

    Van der Sloot is, of course, a different kind altogether. He is a psychopath.

  9. Look at these pictures.

  10. Nice hair do! Obviously, he was going for the Scott Peterson look.

    It wouldn't be surprising if Stephany wasn't familiar with the case; a crime board I frequent has a Peruvian member who said it just wasn't in the news there at all, the Holloway case.

    I also hear those South American jails are quite posh, and he will be eating whichever bugs and rodents and he catch.

  11. That makes sense, Lisa. I guess we assume because we Americans heard all about an American girl missing in Aruba, everyone should hear. Also, the hair. I am not believing that. Scott should be flattered.

  12. This is interesting.