Monday, June 14, 2010

Josh Powell Fights Back

It has been suggested by those working to find Susan Powell that I not link to Josh's site, because the more links are provided to it, the higher it gets in the Google searches. Therefore, just type it in if you want to read it.

I'm even more convinced that Josh himself is the author of susan powell dot org after reading the update from last week. Especially this sentence:
Multiple reports and evidence of this came back to Josh.
If a third party were writing this, the author would have said "got back to Josh," rather than "came back." "Came back" implies that the writer is in the place the reports ended up.

Poor Josh thinks that the Mormon church is attacking him unreasonably. Gotta love it.
In spite of Josh's initial willingness to give these people the benefit of the doubt, they have chosen to be completely adversarial toward his family. From the beginning, their numerous statements and blogs have not only attempted to suppress the voice of all "outsiders," but have also ridiculed the grieving of the Powell family. There seems to be one core issue that motivates this group of detractors, and that is their religious cohesion.
No, you fardling idiot! The "one core issue" that motivates the group is the belief that you, Josh, have some 'splainin' to do.

~taking small children camping in the middle of a winter night is not normal.
~forgetting that it's Monday is not normal.
~driving around for an hour or two after the police tell you your wife is missing is not normal.
~renting out the house and leaving when your spouse is missing is not normal.
~avoiding the police is not normal.

It is your own actions, Josh, that have provided the motivation for any sort of suspicion of you.

Gotta love this one, too:
From the beginning, Susan's father, Chuck Cox, started using the Mormon Church phone directory and Facebook as networks to privately contact Josh's friends and loved ones. Multiple reports and evidence of this came back to Josh. Among other things, Chuck was asking people to "pressure" Josh, asking them to withhold affection and friendship, and asking them to spy on Josh. In addition, Chuck's organization used the media to spread rumors and innuendo.
Josh, you need to realize that Susan's father is frightened for her, misses her, and is suffering dreadfully, not knowing where she is or what has happened to her. Just because you were tired of her, and done with her, doesn't mean that those who truly love her are going to feel the same way. You have made it abundantly clear, by your actions and lack of action, that you have no empathy for Susan's family at all.
Josh's estranged sister, Jennifer Graves, is among these detractors. She made it clear that she does not recognize the need to protect the children from the media and general hostility prevalent in Utah.
Josh, YOU are the one responsible for the "general hostility." Now, I'm not there on the ground in Utah, but I'm willing to bet real money that NOBODY feels hostile toward your sons. You are the one who has yanked them away from their roots, friends, church, school and family and plunked them down in a gated community to start all over, without their mother or their mother's friends.

So, basically, I guess you just suck.


  1. You hit it all on the head. Way to go! The more he says, the more he makes himself look like an idiot as well as his father. I can't believe they are saying "Poor us, the mormons are attacking us." It seems like his dad is trying to make himself feel better about leaving the church and Josh keeps trying to find ways to feel better about what he did. Does her really believe all he says? Does his dad really believe his son is innocent and that she may be off having a fling?

    This didn't make sense from their site: (among other things)

    "Toward the end of 2009, Susan bore her testimony in front of her Mormon ward congregation. She said, "I cannot bring myself to believe in Mormonism, but I can lean on other people's testimonies." "

    I can't imagine anyone going up in front of their ward and "bearing their testimony" with those words. I could be wrong, but sounds like that's coming from someone who isn't very familiar with the church.

    Also, I'm curious to know what "efforts" they are doing to find Susan, besides their bogus website.
    He just seems to be digging a deeper hole. Those poor kids!

  2. I find the comment you quoted to be very odd, too. Though not a Mormon, and ignorant of the structure of Mormon religious services, it seems like a very strange way to word doubts, if one were having them. What does "lean on other people's testimonies" mean, anyway?