Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Love to Laugh!

"Fashion" is now one for the history book. As you can see from the pictures, this one was all sorts of fun! Acting fun, costuming fun, meeting-new-people fun, dancing fun, and, above all, SINGING fun!

I have learned something. With a good coach (thank you, so very much, Heather Rosen) leading me through it, note by note, I can sing! At first, I had to stand next to one of the good singers (read: anyone else in the cast) to be sure I had it right, but, by the last weekend, I was good to go on my own. So, not only do I have Heather to thank, but everyone in the cast for their non-stop encouragement, and David Blackburn, our wonderful accompanist. Not to mention Eve Lerma, who got me dancing...

But, mostly to my friend and director, Frank Benge, who cheshire-cat-grinned me into accepting the role.

I have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into a new dimension of theater.

In short, it was fun.


  1. Ronni, it's about time you had some FUN! I'm so glad you got a good coach. I've never really tried since being told I can't sing a long time ago. Never say never.

  2. Ironically, by someone who absolutely can't sing, so who knows? Maybe there's some Ethel Mermon or Cyndi Lauper in me after all.

  3. darlin', there is DEFINITELY some Cyndi Lauper in you! I don't know about Ethel, but Cyndi--for sure!

  4. I agree, glad you had some fun! It was a wonderful play to watch, both on opening night and on closing night. It really had "grown". Another interesting difference for me personally was my perspective on the show. On opening night I sat on the back row, making it easier to see the whole stage and the "big picture", the dancers' formations, choreography, etc. On closing night I was on the front row. I could see the details of faces and what the characters were saying to each other and the audience. Very interesting and amusing and FUN!