Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Better Late...

Thanks, Michael!

Austin Live Theater Review of "Fashion"
The fun of Fashion arises directly from a quality that just might be the trademark of this small but active and effective theatre company. The Sam Bass likes to put the "play" into plays and the "community" into community theatre. They love to amuse by running a kaleidoscope of friendly talent for a loyal following. Several of these faces are familiar -- Gene Storie as the director/seducer, Roni Prior as the vice-ridden clerk, and Ashlyn Nichols as the young lady, for example -- and the others are just as attractive and confident. The company's evident enjoyment of making theatre makes one look forward to seeing them again onstage at the former Union Pacific depot in Round Rock.
Yes, we are having fun!

This was a wonderful group to work with! Everyone so talented and patient!


  1. Absolutely! A wonderfully fun group to work with.
    Especially Mr. Snobson!
    That drunken fellow . . .

  2. You've been hiding your light under a bushel. we will play again! So much fun, Peggy!

  3. YAY!!! Aww... this weekend is going to be so dull without you all!!

  4. Yes, yes it is...but tomorrow will rock...it's my birthday and we are going to Kerbey Lane!

  5. Happy Birthday Roni! Have a good time this weekend.