Monday, May 10, 2010

Musings While Driving

It's not about proving you love me. I know you love me. I know it's a "Hallmark Holiday." I'm glad you all called, texted, whatever...but it's not about that, either. It's about where you place love in your list of priorities.

I know you all have lives. (guilt trip) I was there when you were born. Without me, you wouldn't have those busy lives. Two home births and a C-section. You bet I know! A total of well over a year spent throwing up. Thousands of cloth diapers washed and folded. Probably six years of sleep deprivation...and yada, yada, yada (/guilt trip) (I get bored with that almost as quickly as you do).

The thing is that it really doesn't matter that you had to work, or it snuck up on you, or you were studying really, really hard for a final--my dance card was still empty. My flower vase was still empty. My candy dish was still empty. My neck and ears are still un-decorated. I still ate a hotel breakfast instead of going to brunch. The curtain above my computer is card-free.

If this is how you treat the people you love, I have failed at one very important aspect of motherhood--teaching you how to show your love. You all used to know. The mother-of-pearl fish pin that Chandra brought me from a field trip to a museum, the silver cat ring on which Vanessa spent her entire Christmas shopping budget all those years ago, the vest with poinsettias on it that I have worn almost every Christmas since Brendan gave it to me--these things I treasure.

I'm sorry, but phone messages and text messages don't cut the mustard, especially when they are slid in under the wire, with about an hour of Mother's Day left.

So, shape up, you lot. Show the people you love that you care by taking time from your busy schedules to do something for them on special occasions. Trust me, they appreciate it, and notice when you don't.


  1. you sound just like me..I didn't get any reconition either..and I cooked my own dinner. like I said their real mommy was around..and I'm just an after thought..

    you give and give and they take and take..