Sunday, May 02, 2010

Day of Rest

"Joseph" went out yesterday. Friday night, I was up until 5 AM finishing up the coat. Three hours sleep, and into the shop at 8:30 to finish the sizing (alterations) of the rest of the costumes before the horde descended at 10:30. The horde came pretty much according to schedule...five every thirty minutes until 1:00 PM and again from 2 to 4. In the midst of that, three directors showed up to return their costumes...Mason High School, who had a whole UIL One-Act, Anderson High, who just had a few pieces, and the private school in Austin that did "Grease (which was huge)." None of them were scheduled.

Ramona took me to lunch yesterday, and Frank cooked me a wonderful dinner last night. After that, I slept for 11 hours and feel like a whole new person today. Ready to go in and tackle "Annie Get Your Gun," which goes out next Saturday. And dance rehearsals. And making a Lady's Tarpaulin for "Fashion."

Ha! What's a Lady's Tarpaulin, you may ask (and rightfully so)! Well, Dearly Beloved, after some serious employment of the resources provided by The Internet, I discovered that a Lady's tarpaulin is actually a hat. However, given it's usage in the play, the actress (who announces the fact that she is wearing one) has no idea of that fact. Why would a young lady wear a hat (possibly a waterproof hat) to a ball at her own home? Therefore, we decided, for the purposes of the play, that it would be some sort of hostess gown. One actress comments that it is very wrinkled, so crushed taffeta came to mind.

I shall post pictures of the Lady's Tarpaulin. I think I shall hold off on further description until it's built.

I shall also get pictures of the Dreamcoat...something I forgot to do under the pressure of getting it finished.

Life is looking much better today than it did last week.

I do have a lot of things to do around the house, and I made some very small inroads into that. I also spent over $100 at the grocery store. I'll tell you what...times is tough when I can fit $117 worth of groceries into the passenger seat of the Miata!

Working all day for six days, rehearsing two or more hours every evening, and staying up till the wee hours sewing a Dreamcoat will certainly cause one to appreciate a day of rest.


  1. I think you do way too much, Ronni. Are you going to slow down a bit before you wear yourself out?

  2. At $9/hr, I have to work as much as I can...I have no income at all during July!

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