Friday, May 28, 2010

A Busy Year

I'm going to be busy next season at Sam Bass...that is, if I get cast in everything for which I am going to audition!

Rob may or may not have something going on later this summer (depending on whether he finds a space), so that may ensure fun through July and August. Lynn is directing the sequel to "Murdered to Death," "Secondary Cause of Death," in the Fall slot. Of course, I'll be auditioning for that! Miss Maple, reprised! Come Spring, Olin is directing "Steel Magnolias," and I feel an audition coming on for that one, too. Then it's time for "A Company of Wayward Saints," which I will be directing. Plus, I'm costuming Frank's "Tempest Project," as well as "Secondary Cause of Death!"

I can't remember when there has been a season with so much for me to do.

Oh, well. It keeps me out of trouble and off the streets!


  1. Wow! We'll have to make an appointment to say "Hello!"

  2. Beats sitting home, waiting for somebody to post a status update...