Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I will be directing "A Company of Wayward Saints" next season at Sam Bass.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that, because it's not a well-known play, I get the Spotlight slot in the calendar (again), so you will have only three weeks to enjoy the fabulosity that will ensue. I got the Spotlight slot for "Godot" because it was vacant. By the rules of the theater I am qualified to direct a Mainstage show, but, as I have just found out, in order to get a Mainstage slot, one must submit a mainstream show.

It's our 30th season, and the Board figures (rightly so) that a play such as "Steel Magnolias" will get more attention and attendance than some obscure little piece called "A Company of Wayward Saints."

In a day or so, I will get over this red-headed stepchild feeling. Just right now I'm a bit chagrined that I am again repeating a Spotlight, which is supposed to be a stepping stone to the Mainstage. As of now, I have directed three Spotlights and only one Mainstage play. Of course, a Spotlight show gets less publicity and has a smaller budget. Still, this is Ronni, who always thanks the company for letting her play.

I'm grateful that they decided to accept the show at all, since it's so obscure.