Monday, April 12, 2010

We Rocked the Beckett!

As CiCi says, "Le sigh..." It's over.

Damn, it was magnificent!

They say that 90% of directing is casting, and I sure had the best cast! Of course, I had the best crew, too, which is just as important. I am still in awe that so many extremely talented people would just dive into my madness with me, having faith that I was steering them in the right direction.

The best part of the whole experience is that it all happened just as I envisioned it...the set, the blocking, the music...the dance. It seems to me that the play is a dance of words. It all came together just as it should.

We got two good reviews (Thanks, Michael and Robyn), and would have had a third if Olin had seen the show earlier in the run. Even more important was the appreciation of most who saw the show...oh, there were some to whom Beckett just doesn't appeal, no matter how it's done, and there are some who prefer a more traditional staging. More often, though, we saw the excited, engaged look...the one that tells me that the audience truly enjoyed the production.

As the song says in the pre-show:

Mmmm in vain, in vain
I tell you we're all the same
'cause there you stand
a-sayin' man it's not for real
'cause we're the ones
who get to steal the show
and I don't know
I guess you're right
but even so
if there's no audience,
there just ain't no show*


  1. What a boost Ronni! Once again, well done.

  2. Thanks, Nelly! I wish you could have seen it. I'm trying to figure out how to get a clip from Facebook to here, but, as you are my friend on facebook, you should be able to see Lucky's monologue...