Saturday, February 20, 2010

Re: Tiger Woods' Apology

To be blunt...who cares?

As my friend Melissa Usrey used to say, "In the Grand Scheme of Things, what can it possibly matter who sticks what into whom?"


  1. His fans, his wife's family, hopefully his wife, the advertisers that didnt's drop him and most likely the treatment center who would say that since he publicly embarrased his family, he needed to publicly show humbleness.

    It irked me that people were criticizing him for reading off his written apology since he isnt a public speaker.

    It irked me even further that one of the girls who outed him publicly wanted a public apology. Like she didnt know he was married and that she was his POA of the night.

  2. An apology could have been delivered in private to his wife, and I hope it was, accompanied by a (kept) promise that it will not happen again. To his fans, he owes golf. the same to his endorsements.

    We have become such a Puritan country. Why should any of us care about the sex habits of celebrities? Politicians...that's different, particularly if they have been touting "family values" in order to get elected. We never cared who Mick Jagger porked on tour...or any other rock star. It went with the territory.

  3. Oh, I have a feeling Elin is the ONLY reason he is in rehab. He doesnt want to lose her.

    His most major sponsors didnt drop him. And they have a pre-nup. She would only get 2 million if she divorces him. And while I drool at that kind of moolah, he is a billionaire plus. I think he is truly sorry.

    The rehab probably required him to do it. Any part of a 12 step program of any kind requires that you atone. He had a lot of kids that looked up to him.

    That said, I agree, and this should have never been such a public display. Thats the press these days though.

    I also think that a big part of his reason was for him to tell the press to back the eff off of his family. Which he did. Eloqunetly I might add. They didnt of course. Going to switzerland to bug his in-laws immediately after.

  4. My first thought when I saw his apology: Who cares? I thought it was pathetic. What a loser.

  5. Like his wife will ever trust him again.

  6. Well, Nadine, this ain't our first rodeo. WE know better, but does SHE?

  7. He just wants to suck us all in, all over again.