Monday, February 22, 2010

Last Group of Ice Dancers

I like White and Davis. Their costumes are simple and lyrical, focusing my attention on the dance. Ice dancers must sometimes feel sorry for those of us who must do our dancing on the earth, and are unable to swoop and glide with such beauty and abandon! Damn, that was pretty!

The Italian pair has kept the costumes simple, too. I hope this is a trend. The dance is smooth and a bit low-key, compared with White and Davis.

Virtue and Moir are all in black, white and silver. Their lifts are superb, dancing, elegant and graceful. dare I say that I would like to see them win on their home country ice? They are so beautiful and talented! The True North Strong and Free, indeed!

The next pair (Belbin and Agosto), have costumes of a much more assertive nature, all fluttery bits and asymmetry. He looks a bit like Elvis in his Vegas days. I'm not sure what that makes her. I find the choice of religious music to be a bit odd, too.

The final pair, Domnina and Shabalin, also have rather complex costuming. the costumes involve straps that they are using in the routine to help support the lifts. How is this allowed? This is the same couple that had the rather controversial program last night, based on Aboriginal dances of Australia. They have a lot of fluttery bits, as well. The dance is very fluid, but I don't like their use of the straps.

Final: Virtue and Moir: Gold, White and Davis: Silver, Domnina and Shabalin: Bronze.


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