Thursday, February 18, 2010

Joe Stack Had Enough

Photos from The Austin American Statesman (

Joe Stack had had enough. Poor guy. Every time he managed to stash a bit of money toward his retirement, something would happen that ate it up. Taxes, the dot com bust, the recession, not reporting his wife's income...

Go to to read his suicide epistle.

So, this morning, he set his house afire, with his wife and daughter inside. Then, he hopped on the freeway and headed to Georgetown Airport, where he got in a plane (his own? stories vary) and flew the thing into the local IRS offices, located on the top three floors of the Echelon Building.

Meanwhile, his wife and daughter escaped the fire that totalled his house, two people went to the hospital from the Echelon Building and one is still missing.

Oh, and they haven't found Joe Stack, either.

I hope that, wherever he is, IRS ghosts are auditing him every minute of every day, from now until eternity. And one day more.


  1. Ugh, the comments are even scarier. He has fans!

  2. I suspect there will be copycats.

  3. Crazy as a pillowcase full of squirrels.