Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Dancing-Original Dance

Have I mentioned that I love Ice Dancing? Well, I do.

Last Olympics, I was very critical of the skaters' costumes. Not being qualified to critique the skating, I have to be satisfied with tearing up the clothes.

If the event had a theme last time, I must have missed it, but I did catch that this time; it's "Folk Dance." I missed the compulsories, but I am enjoying this night's program.

I was about to say that I really like the costumes, as well as the skating, but I just caught sight of the Russian pair's totally awful fake Aboriginal outfits. This pair seems out of their depth. I understand that they have received a lot of criticism for the costumes (and I can see why), but the dance is not much better. Really, you can't get much farther away from Russia than Australia! It is difficult to believe they are now in 1st place...they must have been far ahead in the compulsories. The dance appeared to make fun of Aboriginals, and IMO, should have been disallowed.

I don't know what to think about the American couple and their Indian theme. I like the music and costumes, but the program seems a little disjointed and reliant on small things like hand movements and poses that resemble Indian sculptures.

Still, perhaps I should stick to critiquing their outfits, as my knowledge of skating is minuscule.

Next is the third team to come out dressed in some form of western wear. This pair didn't quite have the same grasp of country dancing as the others, though. And I'm not entirely sure why she thinks that covering her nether regions in orange flounces is a) country or b) flattering.

The Israeli pair, in their dark/light neutral colours, lack fire. Neither their costumes nor their dance captures my interest.

A Canadian pair is up next. Their dance is Spanish and beautiful, but her skirt is too long. I understand why. In Flamenco, the male dancer is the matador and the woman is the cape, and capes are long. The fabric of her skirt flutters like the petals of a poppy.

Muldavian folk dance? O...K...mama likes the costumes, even though they are a bit fussy. And the music. The dance is a bit wild, esthetically speaking, but the performance is beautiful.

All in all, I like the Canadian pair with the Spanish dance the best. And they are in 1st place at the end of the night.

I won't get to see the free skate because I have a rehearsal. I don't guess Ice Dancing finals would be an acceptable excuse for canceling it...

Not even.

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  1. I love the ice dancing too.

    However the curling I dont get. It looks like a cross between air hockey and that hockey game you play on a table with the stick of people that twists around.