Thursday, December 17, 2009


These are Ormanents. That's not a typo. It's what they are.

They are made from Christmas cards and glitter paint. I made them for a fund-raiser that didn't happen. I am still making them. It beats hell out of feeling hard done by due to a lack of ready cash for Christmas shopping. I may take them to Blue Santa, or the Serving Center...I'm sure someone can use them to cheer up a bare tree...

Here is the entry in which I posted the slide show of instructions:

Here's a link to some more:

For the instructions, I made them out of poster board and put stickers on them.

Tracie found real instructions on the net. Here is that link:


  1. They are beautiful, Ronni.

  2. Aw...thanks, Mysty! I'm having fun making them...

  3. Thank you, Nelly...I have some on my tree. I'll post a pic of that later on.

  4. I love them! And way to go green as well using old Christmas cards!

  5. Ronni,

    Is it secret how you make those beautiful ornaments or are you going to give us directions so we can make them,too?

  6. I'll post a link to the slide show entry at the bottom of the blog.

  7. I realize that my comment is late, but it is because I stay busy with my homework almost 24/7. I remembered these as soon as I saw them. I would so much love one for my tree. I miss you all and hope life is well...

    Amanda B.

  8. Amanda, send me your snail mail address and I will send you some.