Wednesday, December 16, 2009

HEB Socks

OK. I know that the grocery store is not the premier outlet for socks. I know that. I should have gone to Walgreens. Everyone knows that drugstores have better socks. Or, better yet, I should have gone to the Dollar Store. They have cheap socks!

Still, it was cold, and I had to go to the grocery store anyway, and I certainly did not feel like making another stop.

I had not realized I was getting fussy about my socks. It's just that crew socks or tube socks are too thick. Trouser socks are too thin. Those little things that just cover my feet are fine for the Summer (Spring) (Fall), when I wear capris and loathe the sock/capri combination. One kind I dislike above all others are the ones that come just to my ankles. What's up with that? The worst of both worlds.

I bought the last two pairs they had of the kind of socks I like. Cotton, plus some sort of super-stretch miracle fiber that keeps them from falling down. Long enough to tuck my long johns into.

They were covered with dust!


  1. I wish I knew how to knit socks. I'd make them for everyone I knew like I did scarves.

    My aunt did that one year for Christmas, knit everyone these wonderful cotton yarn socks. I wore mine until they literally fell apart.

  2. I still get compliments on those scarves! I wear them frequently...I mean, when it's frequently 50 degrees where I work, scarves are an essential part of my wardrobe!

  3. I'm glad to hear that, Ronni, and I probably knit much better now than the ones I sent you.

  4. I love them! The colours and the texture! either one of them will dress up an outfit.

    This year, I've been wearing a lot of red and black, so the second one has been having a workout. Last year it was the teal.

  5. One year I crocheted some 100% wool "socks" (slippers, really) for my sister and myself for Christmas. It has to be thick yarn and one crochet needle, otherwise too confusing for me!

  6. I can knit slippers. I knit a bunch of them for a play, once...but I need thin socks. Not as thin as trouser socks, but thin enough to put shoes on over.