Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Shopping Weather

It's 40 F and raining outside. Yuck. Poo. Nasty.

Just the sort of weather I remember for Christmas shopping both in England and British Columbia. Out in it with an umbrella, raincoat and galoshes...the smell of wet wool. Christmas lights reflecting on the wet sidewalks. Cold hands. Cold feet. Runny nose. Diving, head down, into the shelter of a shop.

Then, thoroughly soaked, thoroughly chilled, toes numb and fingers blue, shivering through layers of wool, finally, home to hot soup and cocoa.

Oh, yeah...

(Picture ganked from Photobucket)


  1. I love the dude's gauchos. So sexy!


  2. Those (she responded with extreme dignity) are "plus fours," worn correctly with that inimitable fashion accessory: Argyle socks. For 1931, he's the bees knees!