Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two Days Off!

What to do, what to do!

I SHOULD tackle the back room...and some alterations...but it's a lovely sunny day out...and 51F at almost 9:00 AM. It's a top down kind of a day, and the Autumn Hill Country calls...

Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and think about it a while.

Things have happened that I could write about, but you've heard most of it by now...Alyssa Bustamante is being charged as an adult in the murder of Elizabeth Olten...Kelly Morris' body was found after authorities were tipped off, and her husband was charged...surprise, surprise, right?

I have so many punctures on my hands from the past few days of marathon sewing; pins, needles, seam rippers, coat hangers--all have taken their toll. I feel like Seymour! Still, "White Christmas" went out yesterday. It took three and a half hours to check it out, and several SUVs to haul it all away. It was 381 costumes, when all was said and done. "Annie" went out on Saturday, and it was somewhere around 300 costumes. The Palace has it triple-cast. I know that, in community theater, things happen. Measurements get locked in a car whose owner becomes suddenly ill and whose car gets impounded and can't be recovered until the owner does. However, it does make it difficult to put together the costumes when we only have two weeks with the precious pieces of paper. Not to mention being in the middle of "White Christmas," which should have come after "Annie." Due to the lateness of the "Annie" measurements, we were working on them concurrently.

We were stressed. Ramona was working twelve hours a day at the shop, and taking stuff home, besides. It has been many weeks since she has had even a Sunday or Monday off. She has gone as easy on me as she could, but I am still slowly unwinding from the madness. I have been having restless dreams, and eating a lot of fast food.

I think I do need to blow out cobwebs today.


  1. I have a billion things I could (should!) be doing, and yet here I sit.

  2. Enjoy Enjoy! ..hugs, t

  3. A day off is good. Two in a row is even better. I think you should get busy doing nothing...
    Enjoy the rest, sounds like you deserve it!

  4. If a woman's work is never done, why worry about what isn't being done right now?