Friday, October 02, 2009

Socialized Insurance Is OK for Property

This is enough to make you spew chunks! The same people who are going right round the bend against a public option in health insurance voted to expand National Flood Insurance to cover other kinds of property damage. Our tax dollars are subsidizing insurance companies to the tune of billions to protect property from flooding and other natural disasters.

I don't know about you, but this seems a tad bit hypocritical to me.

Write to your senators and congressmen.


  1. What a crock of shit! I figure if you're smart enought to know what a flood plain is, and have enough money to choose where you live you don't deserve a damn thing if you get flooded out. Check out "Flash Flood Alley" I saw it on PBS.

  2. Got this on Facebook:

    "Of course they did, because things are more important than people. Things are how we measure our worth against our peers and more importantly the ownership of things is how we define our very existence.We need to safe guard our things before some natural disaster comes and takes out things away! People should be able to look after themselves, and if they can't, they can always sell off their things to get the money to pay the hospitals... that way we can by things on the cheap at auction!

    In short: All Hail Stuff!"

  3. Ronni, how can I get a link to that video? I cant figure it out.

  4. Click the "start" arrow. After the 5:07 video has played, it should give you an option to imbed, or save, or something.

    Failing that, go to the "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" website and check yesterday's program.

  5. Sent. I deleted your comment so that your email addy wouldn't be out there...