Friday, October 02, 2009

The House Dream

I've had the House Dream for years. There are several basic configurations to the house, and they rotate. It's usually a very large house, and typically, English or European. Generally a Victorian pile, but occasionally Georgian. Sometimes it's divided into apartments or student housing. Sometimes it's falling apart. Occasionally it is being renovated. The basement is featureless, neglected and terrifying.

Once, I got to a lovely, sunny room in the attic.

I have read about the Jungian archetype--basement is the place of fears, attic is the place of aspirations, etc., etc.

Last night, it was a totally different house, in a totally different location. It was not as large. Two storeys, with an attic. It was more American Colonial than any other style. The rooms were occupied, and I was a long-term visitor. As in my usual House dreams, many of the rooms had an air of neglect. This house had, for instance, a second living room which was both tidy and shabby.

When I opened the door to the attic stairs, the stairs were rough-hewn lumber, and recently painted a light, buttery yellow high-gloss enamel. I did not go up, uncertain about whether I was allowed. In a later exploration, I found a second staircase to the attic. This one was modern, and metal, with a lower section that folded flat to prevent unauthorized access. Eventually, I went up, and discovered a secret room, furnished only with a few built-in shelves. It was wallpapered to coordinate with the light yellow on the stairs.

It was a nice dream, though a little mysterious.


  1. For the longest time I've dreamed that I moved to another house and discover later that there's several other houses within that house. Hidden rooms with armoirs stuffed with interesting things, duplicate kitchens, like that. I always wake up before I find something really cool in those extra rooms.

  2. But you know the interesting stuff is there for you to find during another sleep...

  3. Exactly! I go back now and then and poke through drawers and cabinets.

  4. I have house dreams too. Sometimes its this huge log cabin all varnished insides. With a shower that has showerheads from all sides. And yes, I always discover new rooms.

    Sometimes its my parents house lol.

  5. I get these dreams too, and I love them. The last one was just the other week, after a long interval of nil- I was relieved I could have one again. Usually a big Queen Anne, often in the Boston area, only bad thing is I can never afford to get it repaired properly! My son was in this last, running from room to room finding problems and leaks!

  6. The general consensus in the dream analysis books I have read is that your house is YOU.

    Remember the ghost story about the woman who dreampt of a house, and then found it in RL, and she had been a ghost in it all that time?