Tuesday, October 06, 2009

For the Record

I heard on NPR today that bloggers are being required to disclose whether or not they are paid to endorse anything.

I thought I'd jump in and tell y'all that I have never made money off my blog. Occasionally I will tell you if I find something--a restaurant, for instance--that I like, and I will sometimes write a little review of a local play I've seen. However, I have never been paid for any of that--not in free tickets, free meals or cash.

If I say that I like something, it's because I really do.

Just sayin'.


  1. I never have, either. I do have some of those "google ads" on my blog, but it is more to fill up space. I think they look kinda cool! :) I have not made one single dime off of them. I suspect google does, though.

  2. I took down my Google ads! I wrote a rant about domestic violence, and all of a sudden I had an ad for "lonely cheating housewives!" It was some sort of hook-up message board, or something. I thought, "Well, could THAT be any more inappropriate?"