Monday, October 05, 2009

Back to Square One--Cameron Brown

Oh, for God's sake! Once again, we have a hung jury!

Daily Breeze report. This time, it's six for Second Degree Murder and six for Manslaughter.

I am truly disgusted. If they had all gone for Manslaughter, he would have walked with time served, I think.

So, it's good that he wasn't acquitted, but whether the government of California will try him again (given the current state of their economy) is sort of up in the air.

We have to wait until the 28th to find out.

At least they didn't acquit!

ETA: Here's another link to a more complete story.


  1. IMO - which in this case is not the same as yours. I think it was involuntary manslaughter. He is a reckless type of guy, and none too bright. From what I have read about him he has always been pretty reckless.

    I dont think he meant for this to happen. Sure he was vindictive to Sarah, who obviously was vindictive to him as well. But killing a kid?

    I wonder what is going to happen now? They obviously will never be able to prove 1st degree. I think at this point a plea deal is in order.

  2. Unbelievable. It seems hopeless at this point.

  3. As he had been called to task for carelessness more than once (on the sailboat, on the motorbike, and in the car, to cite just 3 examples), it strains credulity to believe he was merely careless, IMO.

  4. I think at this point Brown's one extremely lucky Effing Murdering POS.

    Rest in Peace, Lauren.

  5. Poor baby! I can't bear to think about what went through her mind!

  6. I just listened again to his 9-1-1 call audio tape. I still hear him do a little chuckle. Vindictive to Sarah? He tried to get her deported, fired, arrested on a patently bogus threat charge, tried to get her charged with child abuse- No, he went way, way beyond vindictive. Look at his criminal actions with other former girlfriends. He beat up a car, broke into an apartment, threw belongings over a cliff. So he is capable of some degree of violence.

    To believe he didn't actually heave Lauren over the cliff you HAVE to believe she was running and skipping around on that cliff, throwing rocks over the edge, because that is what he says she was doing. All pertinent testimony about her behavior clearly indicates this is not something she would have done, that she was likely to be hanging back, if anything.

    Me, I'm thinking this jury basically nullified because of the LWOP if Guilty in the First, so that was out. Then they just ground to a halt and could no longer accomplish anything after the kerfuffle of the other day. F-it and call it quits. Would another jury do the same thing? Don't know. The rest of the country is probably just chalking this up to "California Juries" in disgust. I'm DANG sure she wasn't skipping around throwing rocks!

  7. I agree with you, Karen. Half the skin would have been torn off her, and she would have no fingernails, if she had slid off that cliff. He killed her.

  8. Ronni- it bothers me we never really get a good description of her clothes, what condition they were in. Surprising, because obviously that would likely have helped one side or another.
    BTW, I stupidly broke my leg at the ankle yesterday- needs surgery next week- how's the toe sitz for you coming along?

  9. Oh, Karen! I hope you have insurance! One of the commercials for health insurance here starts out, "Did you know a broken leg can cost $15,000?"

    My toe started hurting tonight, after being OK for several days now. Don't know what's up with that.