Monday, September 07, 2009

Note to Cats Behaving Badly

Banshee and Gladys are in trouble. Deep, deep doo-doo.

Banshee began it. Such a sweet kitty...except at 6:45, when he decides I need to be up. He got himself deposited outside. After all, what possible reason could he have for waking me at 6:45? It MUST be a pressing need to go out, right? He couldn't be demanding breakfast at that ungodly hour, could he? There are still crunchies in the dish...

And then, Gladys. I do wish she would quit peeing on the stove. And, if she must pee on the stove, why does she have to find the one spot where there is a hole straight through to the oven?

Cleaning and disinfecting stovetop and oven, before coffee, is not my idea of a Labour Day Cebrelation.

Just sayin'


  1. How on earth did that cat figure out that peeing on the stove would annoy you the most?

  2. She is an evil bitch and she hates me.

  3. My cats wouldn't dare! They fear the squirt bottle.