Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Snippet About the Cameron Brown Trial

South Bay Crimes and Courts, a blog by Denise Nix at the Daily Breeze, had a little bit about today's courtroom shenanigans.
I had apparently just missed a bit of drama. According to Deputy District Attorney Craig Hum, proceedings were postponed for about an hour because Brown, 47, refused to come out of his jail cell. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor was set to sign an extraction order that would give deputies permission to physically extract him when Brown came out on his own.

Then, defense attorney Pat Harris asked that 4-year-old victim Lauren Sarene Key's mother, Sarah Key-Marer, who has watched the entire trial, be excluded from the courtroom because her presence was jeopardizing his client's right to a fair trial. Hum argued against it, and Key-Marer addressed the judge, asking that she be allowed to remain - as she's been looking for answers for nine years. In the end, Pastor allowed her to stay.

Can you believe this garbage? Cameron Brown originally waived his right to a speedy trial, and so has been rotting in jail for about five years now, and, at this late date, refuses to come out of his holding cell? Has he decided to go for an insanity defense? Rhetorical question, I know. In order to try to float an insanity defense, he would have to admit that he did it...

...And trying to kick the victim's mother out of court? I wonder if that was Harris's idea, or if it was Cam's. Maybe Cam has a hard time looking at her. The guy tried to get her fired, deported, and in trouble with the IRS, both before and after he killed Lauren.

As Country Girl said here, "even Geragos didn't try to pull that crap!" It sounds to me as if the defense is scraping the bottom of the barrel. If that is the case, these posturings can be seen as good news.

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