Monday, August 03, 2009

Quite a Weekend

When Pat posted on Facebook yesterday afternoon, that, due to the mess at LaGuardia, she was going to be stuck overnight in Dallas, I began to hatch a plan.

Well, not so much a plan as an idea. It seemed a shame for Pat to be so close and for us not to get together. I posted that I was going for a drive, and packed up the computer. It was a nice evening for a drive.

She was surprised to see me. I took her for a ride in the Miata, and, of course, completely circumnavigated the airport before managing to find her hotel. Possibly twice.

And then, exhausted as she was, I kept her up talking most of the night. When the alarm went off, she was off to the airport, and I headed back to Round Rock.

I got here with twenty minutes to spare. I had told Kaye I would pick her up at 12:18, and that we were going for a drive. I took her out to Lampasas and revisited the Yumm Factory.

With an hour to spare, I got a shower and headed out to audition for "Murdered to Death" at Sam Bass Theater. I had driven about five hundred miles in less than 24 hours.

I'm thinking it's going to be bed time very soon...


  1. I would have loved it if you could have been there, too!

  2. Your screen name ALONE should be or something like that!