Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Nice Evening

I just had a nice time. Isn't that nice?

Kaye took Lou, Rita, and me to a screening of a movie she worked on a couple of years ago It's a seven minute short, called "The Last Day of Goebbels," and it was very moving. Mostly in black and white, to invoke the time in which it was set, it had colour segments, which were Goebbels' childhood memories. A chilling condemnation of war. Very nice work. I am pretty sure the narrator was in "Twelve Angry Men" at Sam Bass, many years ago.

This film was followed by a longer piece called "The Girl in the Red Shoes," a modern retelling of the Hans Christian Anderson story. This one was a bit over my head, but, Chandra...if you get a chance to see it, do so. I think you might like it a lot. It was beautifully made, and it was nice to see the locations. The acting was good, and cinematography excellent...I'm just too old for it, I guess. I particularly liked the casting. Granny was a drag queen.

Thanks, Kaye, for taking me along to that. The stroll down the memory lane that is 6th Street was fun, as well.

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