Friday, August 14, 2009

Vicarious Travel

I found some pictures from last summer's trip that I don't think I posted...we travelled up the Natchez Trace on the advice of a guy at a gas station. He told us there was a waterfall a few miles up, that was a must-see. Frankly, I think he was pulling my leg. We drove about fifty miles before deciding that we could get hopelessly lost if we continued. The scenery was lovely, though. Good thing I took a picture of the sign, or I would have forgotten where we were.

We never did find the waterfall, but this little stream was very pretty, and the deer (that got away before I could whip out my camera) were so beautiful--a gorgeous red, as well as fat and glossy; not like the dun-coloured beasts we see here.

The man at the gas station didn't tell us we would come across the grave of Meriwether Lewis. The little cabin/inn in which he died was nearby, along with plaques describing his life and accomplishments. The information at the site seemed a bit hazy about his death, though. I just looked him up in Wikipedia, and found that there is still some controversy. Was it suicide, or was he murdered? According to witnesses, there were several shots.

As we didn't manage to get away at all this summer, last year's pictures will have to do.

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  1. I know you like watching court TV or at least keeping up with the blogs about it. If Merriwether Lewis passed under suspicious circumstances during the current age of technologuy I suspect you would be blogging about it all the time! LOL with great respect and love from Tracie!