Thursday, July 30, 2009


Some asshole tagged the theater annex!

...and SIGNED their "art work."

Recently, the theater received a grant from the Railroad to give our Old Depot a new paint job. I guess it will need another one, now. Out of our own pockets, this time.

I know this is the annex, and not the Old Depot proper, but neither is it a railroad car. Let me 'splain it to you. Railroad cars have wheels, and they are somewhat smaller. The are also the traditional place for tagging, especially in an area that doesn't have abandoned buildings and great swathes of concrete that could use improvement.

This is a theater, and one of the things it does is support children's theater. Tonight, as a matter of fact, our Youth Guild will be performing "Schoolhouse Rock," for the amusement and edification of the citizens of Round Rock.

Round Rock is a "gentle" town. There really is very little crime, here. Parents bring us their children in the reasonable expectation that they are bringing them to a safe place. The idea of putting a twelve-foot fence around the buildings, and topping it with razor wire is not my idea of a way to run a theater.

I'll tell you what, you arrogant little jerk, with your can of silver spray paint you ripped off from somewhere, I hope somebody recognizes that tag and turns you in to the local police. Not a lot of crime here. You're caught in two days.

The stupid part is that, if you were to show up at a Youth Guild meeting, we'd let you come and play! Geez! I could use a good set painter next Spring...

That way, you get credit in the program, not in the files of the Round Rock Police Department.


  1. after the cops find him, maybe his community service will require him
    to paint your sets!

  2. LOL! Everyone who works at Sam Bass does so for free...

    We do have work for Community Service volunteers, but it's usually somebody we know...We might be able to work something out. It would be up to the Board, or whichever board member is in charge of buildings and grounds.

  3. is a production of Westside Story in the works?

  4. As the new building and grounds guy for this next season, I say... "let me get my hands on him"! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. RRPD keeps pictures of captured taggers next to their work. Maybe they have him on file. Aidan says hi.

  6. Tell him that, if he did this, I'm going to kill him myself...Lynn left a couple of comments on the pictures at facebook.

  7. He knows I'm kidding, right?

  8. Thought you'd like to know that the youth guild crew got it all covered up, and the police have the pictures on file with several others by the same "artist". He's apparently been very active recently. School Resource Officers have copies of all of the activity and are on the lookout for matching doodles in books and binders. Short story though is this. Thanks to all the kids that jumped in and got it painted before any of the patrons showed up for the show!

  9. Wow, that's GREAT it got painted over. I hope your police department can find the miscreant, and I further hope this all comes out in a new set painter, dedicated theatre fan, rehabbed youth, and follower of Ronni. Let's all think in those terms. Because she could use a set painter, and some tagger could use a purpose in life.