Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial

Here is an aerial view of Inspiration Point, where Cameron Brown took his four-year-old daughter hiking on a November day. If you click on the picture to see the larger version, you will see a small group of people on the beach to the left of the cliff. Gives you a sense of proportion. The cliff is 120 feet high. Photo from California Coastal Records.

Nobody has posted anything about yesterday's cross examination of Lauren's mother, except for some anonymous comments here. This is the comments section of a blog associated with a pro-Cameron site, but there has not been a new entry since last August. The comments on that entry are now up over nine hundred, with the most recent being posted this morning. There are a lot of blogs where the authors think that Cameron Brown is responsible for his daughter's death; this is the only one I've found expressing an alternative view. Some of the posters are relatives of the accused killer.'s another one: About Cameron John Brown. this one has not been updated since 2006, and states that it is under construction. I know these things take time, but's not ROME, people!


  1. That guy Ken is a bit obsessive eh?

  2. He and Ted have been arguing for years, since long before this case ever came up. This one has some interest for Ken, as Ted turned out to be the BIL of the accused.

    I have a feeling that Ted and Ken will argue about the colour of the sky on a sunny day.

  3. LOL, I got that same feeling.

    They are like an old married couple.

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