Monday, July 20, 2009


Congratulations are in order for the cast of "Driving Miss Daisy." B J Machalicek will play the title role, Robert King will play Hoak, and Andy Brown has been, to quote his Facebook post, "Boolied."

...And don't go looking it up in the Urban Dictionary...that's not what he meant!

I enjoyed the audition, and will read for Mary Ellen any time...

Meanwhile, bring on August 3rd and 4th, with auditions for a nice English comedy/murder mystery at Sam Bass!'s been a year. I am SO ready to be back on stage!


  1. I can "do" old...what was I in "the Oldest Profession" (twice) and "Table Settings," and "Spinner?" Chopped liver?

    I'm kidding...B J will do a marvellous job, and there is no way I have ever got a role the two of us are in competition for...she is brilliant.

    It will come up again. It will be a while before that one slips's not like "Educating Rita," where one gets out of the age range pretty quickly.

  2. HA! You know I tried to look that up on Urban Dictionary. Apparently it is not work approved though. I shall have to try later when I get home lol.

  3. I hope to see you opening weekend at Sam Bass in September! Sorry it didn't work out this time, but maybe you had fun just visiting with old friends again while you auditioned. I have a feeling you can play almost any role you put your mind to!