Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Muggle and the Golden Snitch

In dressing herself as The Golden Snitch for PotterPalooza last night, my friend has reinvented the tinfoil hat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your answer to the statement, "It'll never fly;" this one does!

Not only that, but there is a bicycle helmet under there, thus protecting the wearer from flying bicycles...

From the designer of the former Best Tinfoil Hat Ever, I LIKE IT!

As you can see, the Golden Snitch has been captured by the World's Coolest Muggle, and they are living happily ever after, Quidditch Be Damned!


  1. Hey Ronni, can you post that picture with your post to facebook so my son can see it and be SOOOO embarrassed?...t

  2. I don't know why it didn't go...they usually do.

    I'll make a gallery at Facebook with all the pics I ogt.

    You can send him here, you know...

  3. My monitor makes every picture and every Flash movie much too dark. Something to do with my Windows version, worse luck. Judge Judy swims in ink.

    But it's a very cool hat. I once used a bike helmet over my face as an insect, with bike reflectors as compound eyes. Add some feather antennae and a Orkin uniform and I was the bug that got away.

  4. I love it, never ceases to amaze me how inventive people can be!

  5. I LOVE the costume. And your friend has the most stunning eyes.

  6. Doesn't she, though?

    She is a lovely and gentle person...