Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cameron Brown Retrial Starts

Cameron Brown Trial has a new article from The Daily Breeze, stating that the second trial of Cameron Brown for the death of his daughter, Lauren Sarene Key, has started. They are still in the Jury Selection phase.

For those who followed the last trial, prosecutors contend that the man took the child, then four years old, up a California coastal cliff and threw her off. The motive? To escape child support payments of nearly $1K a month.

Geragos is off the team, but another lawyer from his office, Pat Harris, is going to do the job for Mr Brown.

Also, according to The Breeze article linked above, new witnesses have come forth for the Prosecution to testify to his anger issues with women.

Maybe this go-round, the jury will not have such a difficult time deciding what sort of murder it was. The last trial ended with the jury hung; eight in favour of 2nd degree, two voting for 1st, and another two willing to settle for manslaughter.

Nobody seemed to think he didn't do it.

I'm posting the link to the blog in my side bar for anyone interested in following the trial.

Photo Credit: Brad Graverson, Daily Breeze Staff Photographer

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