Monday, June 29, 2009

Thirty-Two Years Ago

Thirty-two years ago today, a miracle occurred.

There was a bigger party than we anticipated, because of Steve Barratt. He, his brother Kevin, and SSS all worked together, and Steve drove. When he came to drop SSS off after work, and found out that the miracle was imminent, he ran. Literally. Mumbling something to the effect that, as far as he was concerned, the natural way to have a baby was to pick it up at the hospital, he fled, stranding his seventeen-year-old brother at our house. His sister, her husband, and their six-year-old daughter were there, as well.

Ken and Marie were there, of course, with their six-week-old Willow, and we had a couple of midwives, just to round things out.

The labour was easy. I was in good shape, and had retained agility throughout the pregnancy, in spite of almost constant nausea. I remember grinning at the little girl between contractions, as she looked a bit nervous.

As the sun set, gloriously, and the full moon rose, Chandra made her way into the world, shining with a beauty all her own.

I remember being fed cantaloupe afterwards, and it was the most delicious thing I had ever eaten.

Happy Birthday, Chandra Ray!


  1. Happy Birthday Chandra!

    She looks just like you here Ronni. Does she still?

  2. She looks a lot like I used to, when I was skinny...except that she's prettier. I'll add a recent picture.

  3. Beautiful woman! And yes, she still looks like you.

  4. Happy Birthday, Chandra!

  5. Happy Birthday, Chandra!

  6. Happy Birthday Chandra!!! Seems like just yesturday that SAT stood for Saturday Afternoon Test. (Kiss my Sass-a-frass) LOL!!! P.S. I knew Chandra in the Skid Row days... LOVE you both and miss you wildly...

  7. "Skid Row?" I hope you are referring to the band...?