Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Another Day

Nine years ago today, I stood up with Jim, before a JP and about 20 of our dearest friends, and promised the usual things. He promised the usual things, too.

I did manage not to tell anyone it was my anniversary. Most of my friends and family would be chagrined that they forgot. I would have had to tell them that Jim forgot the last one for which he was here. If he couldn't remember, why should anyone else?

Happy anniversary, Jim, wherever you are.


  1. That look of love is unmistakible. (sic?)

    A really good memory.


  2. Marrying the love of you life is surely a slice of Heaven.

    I hope your good memories kick the ass out of the not-so-good.

  3. I've been missing you, Kontiki! How have you been?

    And you're right. I should quit whingeing. I had him for seven years. Many don't get that much. It's just that I thought it would be much longer...

  4. Thanks,'s hard, sometimes.

  5. ...And all the rest of Carlin's famous seven!

  6. I'm sorry I didn't know that the 11th was your anniversary. A belated "Happy Anniversary", and may I say "ditto" to all the comments your other friends made. You were and are so in love. I am sure Jim loved you with all his heart too. But he was ill and no one could have understood how ill he was. As you know my uncle who was still happily married after 40+ years killed himself in the same way. Love haunts my aunt, and her memories of him are mostly positive, trying to drown out the most horrible one. She's a good role model for me, because she is a positive person, but she is not someone that will ever let anyone walk all over her. Take care.

  7. Wishing you only the best, Ronni.

  8. wow. wow. i'm glad you have those photos. it was an honor to photograph the wedding, and to know Jim.

  9. Thnx for missing me, Ronni.

    Been having a very bad bout with fibromyalgia - most days it hurts to even type even if the chronic fatigue didn't zap my energy to do so.

    I don't think you're whingeing at all .. you're missing an integral part of yourself. I shudder at the very thought of it.

    {{HUGS}} to you.

  10. Ronni,

    I'm so glad you married the love of your life. I'm so sorry that it was taken from you. The seven years were yours. My best to you today.

  11. Ronni:

    I want you to know that from here on in, I will remember your anniversary.

    I grew up in a coal mining town - back in the days before unions and safety measures, many lives were lost. Sometime in the second decade of the 20th centruy there was a particulary nasty uprising from the miners which resulted in the death of one Mr. Davis.

    The "company stores" were looted and my aunt recalled how she managed to get her first ever pair of warm boots - the fact the one was size 7 and the other a 10 didn't dampen her delight one iota!

    Years thereafter, June 11th was the date set to memorialize Mr. Davis and the countless others who lost their lives in the deep, dark bowels of the coalmines.

    I know it's not a very pleasant connection but when I celebrate Davis Day (aka Miner's Memorial Day)in future years a much happier event - one filled with love and promise - will also be remembered by me.


  12. Thanks, Tiki...that really does help. And Fire Berry, every day I thank you for those pictures. I would honestly have my memories twisted badly by now if it weren't for the pictures.

  13. Thanks Ronni. Can I quote you on that? I just had a couple getting married tell me they could only spend what it would cost to get me there to do their whole wedding and they'd rather spend their budget on the food. Seems quite a strange choice to me - made even further strange in light of your situation. Perhaps I can bring it up with stubborn clients to prove the point. OMG! I won't do such a thing! LOL! And I don't mean to hijack the conversation or minimize your experience. I just find it interesting in light of recent events in my life.