Friday, June 19, 2009

The Inevitability of Weird

This hangs on the wall at a friend's home. It represents the blending of two very different cultures.

While I would rather see the living animal, I would not say no to eating it.

The dilemma of the considering carnivore.


  1. I am assuming venison. It gives me a tummy ache. I have a friend who was convinced that it was my anti hunting stance (her hubby is a bow hunter and that is a LONG death) that made my stomache ache, so she fed me venison in a sausage and pepper pasta dish (which is one of my favorites with farmed animals)

    She asked me when I was done if I liked it and told her it was delish. A half an hour later when I was reeling over with gas pains and couldnt even walk SHE wasnt so gloating anymore. It really does give me a stomach ache.

    Dont get me wrong, I am all for the deer hunt season, because they breed like rabbits and destroy cars and kill people in the process (not so much feeling for the bear hunts around here, I think we have invaded too far)

  2. I am allergic to sulfa, which is added to all commercial animal feed. I can stand quit a bit, but when I've eaten too much farmed meat, I break out in a rash from it. It is, of course, not present in nature, or even in the corn with which Texas hunters entice deer.

    Melissa, may I ask your blood type? A friend that does holistic healing lent me a book that says our compatible diet is linked to our blood type.

  3. I recently read a book called "Alkalize or Die". It sounds very ominous, and it is written in a very dramatic style, and nonetheless makes some sense and I am trying to eat more veggies and fruits that are alkaline forming, not acid forming. It's the acid wastes in our tissues that cause all sorts of diseases apparently.

  4. PS Beautiful photo!!!

  5. Thank you, anonymous. Pick a nic, and join in...

    Could you please drop a few hints as to which veggies produce alkalines, rather than acids?

  6. I have eaten venison, but am not fond of it. I guess I'm too much of a city girl.

    But I want to tell you, that photo is excellent. You need to enter it in a photo contest. I have never seen anything quite like it before.

  7. So am I. We are supposed to thrive on game. Type O is a vestige of the Hunter-gatherer times, so game, berries, nuts, etc., anything that could be hunted or gathered is supposed to be good for us. The Rh factor doesn't affect this, supposedly.

    So much for that theory...

  8. Stella, I'm glad you like the photo. I took several, some with the lamp showing, and some without, some with flash and some without. I do like this one the best.

    I have another picture, from a very different angle, that I took last year. I'll see if I can find it.

  9. There's definitely something Daliesque about that photo. Excellent work, Ronni!