Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinner at Katz's

I was treated to a lovely dinner last night. Vanessa hosted it, and all three of my kids, both grandsons and two Mikes were there. It seems so odd that each of my daughters has a Mike.

I didn't pull my camera out, even once, though I probably should have. I know I get to be a pain in the arse with that thing, so I decided to just relax and enjoy, without feeling the need to record the event for posterity.

I really enjoyed having all my family around me.

Thanks, you lot!


  1. I confess I'm getting tired of the constant "let's take a picture" stuff going on at every night out at the club. I knew a woman who would take pictures of the FOOD at the restaurant: "Look what we were eating, isn't that fabulous?" It never looked as toothsome in a picture as I'm sure it did live.

    So I applaud an outing that doesn't have to include the ubiquitous upraised arm-with-cellphone-camera and the pressed-together faces. But I'm just a buzz killer, I know.

  2. I miss a lot when looking just through the narrow tunnel of a view-finder.

  3. I LOVE food pictures. Even though they make me hungry. I also love pictures of people having a great time at a special dinner.

    Total fan of food porn!

  4. Melissa, it's good clean fun and tasty too!