Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Friend in Town

Darragh, ofCabin in the Woods has been visiting. We went to the Saxon Pub on South Lamar to catch The Resentments, an Austin institution. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and the music was awesome!

Yesterday, we 'splored. She stayed at The Driskill, so we had breakfast there, and headed out down Scenic Drive, to ogle the expensive houses along Lake Austin. From there we climbed Mr Bonnell, and took a look at the Hill Country out 2222. Zilker Park was our next stop, and Barton Springs. Of course, we rode the Zephyr! We stopped in at the Capitol, and UT campus, and had a lovely dinner at Eddie V's.

She is flying home today. I really enjoyed our visit, Darragh!

See you on the 'net!


  1. Can you still swim in Barton Springs? If so, that'd be worth a trip to Texas. Eh, I'm already committed to Labor Day weekend in West Virginia.

    Folks from the damp rainy countries sure seem to like that hot dry Texas weather. 2222, yes, I know that road. Texas Ranch Road, do they call them? Texas Farm Road?

  2. Ranch-to-Market (RM) or Farm-to-Market (FM). I've never noticed which 2222 is. Probably RM. We just always call it "twenty-two twenty-two."

    Yes, there were quite a few folks swimming. Darragh had not brought a suit, and I could find only one of mine, so we passed on a swim, and settled for a sunburn on the train. My bottle of sunblock that lived in the car has vanished...

    Darragh lives in California, and Austin is a bit more humid that what she is used to. She does like it, though, and has been here before.

    We had fun!

  3. Humid? My hair looked like Rosanne Rosannadanna's by the time I got to Austin-Bergstrom. Lord have mercy!

    I had such a fabulous time tooling around with you, Ronni. Thank you so much! Can't wait to get out there again, but in the meantime think about a roadtrip out west. We'd love to have you here!

  4. I'd love to, but it will have to wait until I win the lottery!