Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Mothers' Day

With Mothers' Day coming up this weekend, every restaurant in town will be full, and I have a thing to say.

Parents, if you are loading up Grandma and the kids to go to Luby's or Carino's, or wherever, please make the kids leave the Gameboys and DS's at home.

I know you let the kids take their toys in order to keep them well-behaved, but consider this.

As much as you might not like to think about it, Grandma might not be with you next year. Shouldn't you encourage your kids to appreciate her, and what she has to say, and honour her for Mothers' Day?

Grandmas know a lot, and not just about the past. They know enough not to get on your case, or your children's, for the rudeness of burying their noses in their DS's, but I'm willing to bet that it bothers them.

How about saying, "We're going out for lunch with Grandma, and you are going to behave and be nice, or be in a world of hurt!"

Let's demand a little respect from our kids, instead of going for the easy way. I refuse to give the kids a pass for just showing up.


  1. Happy Mother's Day (soon) Ronni! :)

    Oh yeah, you are singing my song!

    I hate the non-stop use of cell phones/texting that consumes teenagers. We have a Sunday brunch every week after church, and my kids know that the #1 rule is their phones are not to be used at all from the time they sit down until we leave.

    I do worry that teens are losing the art of conversation.

  2. Oh, yeah. Cell phones. Left at home.

    Not only are they losing the art of conversation and correspondence, they are losing the art of doing nothing. They don't seem to ever have time to just sit in a tree and think.

    Damn! I was so lucky, in so many ways. I wish I could remember what it was I used to complain about all the time.

  3. Amen, and amen! Cell phones and video games have no place at the table.

    We're hiding from the restaurants, and my brother and I are cooking dinner for the family on Sunday...steak and potato salad. :)

  4. my cell is NOT turned on unless i am out of town visiting...if just on vacation...its not on then eitier unless i need to make a reservation or get lost or have car trouble... i always have to re-charge it if i think i may need it...and the coverter for the car is there too...but... on grandma? i learned SO much from her...about my roots... about her childhood... i went on vacation with grandma and without my mom once and even spent a few vacations when i was older with my grandma and her brother and her sister-in-law...it was the best experience in my life and gave me so much insight into my own mom...between games, cell phones, and texting... i think kids will eventually lose their social skills altogether... being they are ok with no human contact as long as their fingers work... then i wonder when did i start sounding like my mother??? but i'm so okay with that... my mom has alzeheimer's and is in the last stages...and yet... i still bought her a card... cuz i know she is still in there somewhere... and it seems kids will miss the little signs of something wrong without face to face time.


  5. Brunch at 9:00 at Marie Callendar's! Be sure to tell Chandra. You want us to pick you up?

  6. Sandi, I take my grandson on weekend jaunts and adventures. He is almost 11, and very good company. By the time he's too old to go "venturing" with Grandma, my other grandson will be ready. I really enjoy our trips.

  7. Nessa, I'll meet you there.