Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Lori's Wedding

It was the summer of 1972. Lori was SSS's younger sister, and was getting married in style. The wedding was a polyester parade, with over three hundred guests and more than a dozen in the wedding party.

SSS, as the bride's only brother (indeed, only sibling) was excluded, because his hair was too long. Probably just as well, because who would I have had to hang with if he was paired up with some "orchid" (purple) bridesmaid?

The bride's gown was of dotted Swiss, as were the bridesmaids', but for the rest of the crowd, polyester was king.

I had never before heard of having the bride dress at the church. I now realize it is a common practice, circumventing possible accidents to her gown, but, to me, part of the wedding fun is seeing the bride emerge from her car, with her father in tow. It's just not the same when she has curlers in her hair and shorts on!

I made my own dress, and kept it a secret from SSS's family. I already didn't like his mother (and the feeling was mutual), and enjoyed thwarting her attempts to control what I wore. She had offered to buy me a dress, as she was sure I'd show up in something suitable for Woodstock.

The wedding was considered a success because the ring-bearer did not throw the threatened hissy fit at the altar (he was three), and there was no fighting or bloodshed at the reception.

As far as I know, George and Lori are still married. After all these years, I wonder if she regrets not allowing her brother to be a part of her wedding.

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  1. What a wonderful photo, and I *love* that dress!!