Saturday, May 09, 2009

More on the Coleman Story

There was a funeral today, in Chester, IL, the hometown of Chris Coleman. His father officiated. The deceased were schlepped to the cemetery, and the coffins placed over the graves. Then, after the surviving family members left, the coffins were returned to the funeral home. According to the Websleuths thread, there is to be a memorial in Chicago, also, where Sheri's family lives. After that, they will be returned to their final resting place in Chester.

This is from a poster on a linked news site, who has stated that he or she is Sheri's cousin, and has not accused Chris:
Sheri's family understands she and her sons must be buried in Chester, which is about 7 hours or so from her family in the Chicago area. Sheri's family was not made aware of the services in Chester in a timely fashion. When everyone raced to make last-minute arrangements to go to Chester, they were told they didn't have to all (and she has a LARGE family) make the trip, that the bodies would be transported to Chicago. At the last minute Sheri's family was notified the bodies would not be brought back to Chicago. Time constraints with last minute notifications and the long distance between the two towns left her family no choice but to ask again to have the bodies at least brought to Chicago so her family and friends could have a service for her in the Chicago area. When met with opposition, her family had no choice but to seek help from the legal system. In this case, the judge agreed that her family was entitled to provide her a service and say their goodbyes to a dear, dear sweet young lady and her two beautiful sons. I hope that answers the question by the poster who asked why they didn't go down to Chester. It has nothing else to do with anything else. It's just a grieving family's attempt to say their goodbyes. Her family and friends from her home town area are not making accusations about anything. They are leaving the police to do their job and find the person(s) responsible for taking their lives. It is important for everyone to stop making speculations and accusations. It doesn't do any good to anyone right now. Please just remember that there is a grieving mom and brother, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends and others in another part of the state who need their chance to say goodbye to three people who brought them so much joy. article. The quoted comment is on the fourth page of comments.

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