Saturday, May 09, 2009

Another One?

ABC News article about the investigation into a triple murder that took place early Tuesday in Columbia, IL.

Some news articles say that the neighbours didn't hear anything, but one states that screaming and fighting were heard around 3:00 AM. Of course, I can't find that one to link.

Some articles are saying that Coleman, himself, found the bodies of his family, and some say police found them.

So. there may or may not have been a screaming fight in the middle of the night, and Chris went to the gym at 5:30 to work out. When nobody answers the phone at home at 7:00, he calls the cops. The gym was less than twenty minutes away from home (according to message boards), so why call the police?

Cops had been called previously due to threats allegedly placed in the family's mailbox and damage to that same mailbox.

There are rumours floating about an alleged girlfriend in Florida, but there is no confirmation.

The house was in his name, transferred from both their names last December. It was purchased in 2005.

Police went through trash up and down the block, and have been searching a stretch on highway between the subdivision and the gym. I think they are looking for a spray paint can. Apparently, there was a message scrawled inside the house, "I told you this would happen," or words to that effect. A handwriting expert could have some insight into who wrote that.

Once again, I'm thinking the husband has something to do with this. I hope I'm wrong.

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  1. Here we go again. It's mind boggling that they always think they can get away with it.

  2. Ronni: I so totally agree with you about the icky feeling that the husband may be connected to the deaths of his family.

    I would like to know if she signed the house over to her husband or if her name was written on the change of ownership by someone else. Also, if she was turning the house over to her husband (and who would do that??) why didnt she mention it to her family--at least one of her family should have known about it, IMHO.

    Just a hunch and an icky intuitive feeling.

    VERY sad story. I am from St Louis and Columbia is about 4 hours from Chicago. Not 7

  3. She signed it over in front of a notary public, according to somebody on the thread at Websleuths, which I have been reading.

  4. I will check that out--thanks.