Saturday, May 02, 2009

Jim at the Theater

David doesn't believe in ghosts. From David:

I do not really believe in ghosts, and think of myself as pretty level headed, but tonight may have made a believer out of me. While I was working, I was texting back and forth with CiCi. Several times, I saw what looked like movement or someone walking on the back two rows, and heard “footsteps”. I assumed it was the fact that I was staring past the stage lights, and that old buildings just make noise.

He's right about that. I've been in the theater alone at night several times over the years, and it does make noises. However, I've never heard anything that sounds like footsteps.

The alarm would beep once, I’d start towards it and it would stop. It did that about 10 times… til I just walked all the way back there. Then it started beeping in earnest. As I got to the alarm panel in the theatre (in the back corner), I got a VERY strong smell of the candy I had been smelling all night, and finally identified it as Jolly ranchers (like the smell in the bag of all the flavors combined). I mean, strong, like my face in the bag strong, and not from the vent, but in the room. I texted CiCi that it was just really weird… as soon as I hit send, the alarm stopped, and never beeped again.

That damn alarm has been a pain in the neck since it was installed. Jim could never work it right, and set it off several times, trying to punch in the correct sequence of numbers. He always hated it, and hated the necessity for having it.

(CiCi) responded that Mr. Prior used to always carry Jolly Ranchers and give them to her in the hall in 8th grade. I have NEVER heard this about him, so it really kind of freaked me out. There were a few other weird little things through the night, but I didn’t really think much of them at the time. (noises backstage, etc.)

I get the ashtray-litterbox smell. I don't get the Jolly Ranchers smell. I'm jealous.

CiCi did well last night; better for knowing Jim was there.

Thanks for sending me the story, David.


  1. Yeah... So while we were getting ready for the show last night, the emergency exit door just opened.

  2. You'd think that, having put a bullet in his head, he'd not be ducking out for a smoke. He used to open the emergency door and stand in it, blowing smoke out while still watching the rehearsal.

  3. Now you mention it, I smelled Jolly Ranchers up there a while back. There were people around so I didn't think anything of it.

  4. I think it's nice that he's kind of keeping an eye on the theater, and "his" kids. He totally set me up to tell Michael about being an assistant story-teller last week at the Palace!

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  6. Thanks, Clausewitz, but I don't read Portugese worth a hoot. I appreciate the invitation, though.

  7. Jim's there, I've seen him, heard the footsteps and smelled the candy. It's nice to know he's looking out for us.

  8. During the day on Friday as Alex and I were up there rehearsing for my show that night, the alarm kept doing the beeping thing that David talked about...finally I got fed up and said, "Seriously Mr. Prior?!?! be nice for my show tonight please!!!" and after that the alarm stopped beeping...
    I love Mr. Prior and am thankful he was there lookin' out for my show.

  9. gives a whole new meaning to "noises off", eh?