Thursday, April 30, 2009

Acting Up and Speaking Out

Our own CiCi Barone is doing a one-woman show at Sam Bass tomorrow and Saturday. Admission is $15, and it's benefitting The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America.

As it's not part of Sam Bass's regular season, you can't make a reservation on the website.
Here's a Facebook group where you can let them know you are coming. I have a reservation for tomorrow night.


  1. You are on fire babe, I am trying to keep up with the almost 2 Lilly as of May 3. She is a pistola and a corazone. I am up at this hour as to a nightmere awakening her. This is her first time away from her mommy and she has been so fine about that. Her new favorite movie to watch is a $4 one I purchased at Von's a very lame version of Peter and the Wolf with kirsty alley and Lloyd Bridges done as some after school short deal. Very disappointing to moi, but Lilly has been watching it over and over and over andover, as her collection of dvd's is apparently passe to her. I rented Alice in Wonderland and the Lady and the Tramp today....NON, she will have none of it...only this Peter and the Wolf with not truly good music and fer krix sapes Kirsty Alley narration...more than moi can stand. Finally got her bach in the bed of her room after an apparentr nightmare or else coming down with a sore throat or ear ache. mon dieu. Manana it is off to the urgent care center after and hour and a haff goofing around with moi in my baid, John having been chased out as he is teaching tomorrow. She is a true wit and entertainer to keep moi-meme rapt by her charm for more thananhour. She is now asleep in the criblet and I am soon to be in my baid, oh jaybix, I pine for bedtime. this am I was up at 8 and she was still asleep. Manana is another day, It could be teeth, and ear, a throat or just generally missing her mom. This is their first appartheidt. Mom is in Hawaii. She calls and Lilly sez NO. Very funny and tragique all at the same time. a beantoat. xxoomoi

  2. It's nice to hear from you, Moi, and the ineffable Lilly!

    Don't you hate it when they love something so lame?

    There is a series of fairy tales put together by Teri Garr. Somehow she got some huge stars involved, and they are all good. Robin Williams as the Frog Prince is wonderful, as is Mick Jagger as the Emperor in "The Nightingale."